What We Do

Sustainable lives through community development

MORDI works towards aiding the rural isolated communities of Tonga fight poverty. Many of these communities have been shown how to live sustainable lives through MORDI community development projects and skill development trainings.

It works to empower the communities to realize their full potentials and take ownership by involving them with the community activities as opposed to isolating them. The women and the youth which have been identified as more vulnerable, are given the opportunity to participate in community development activities.

In the past, development plans were designed and voiced by the men. As MORDI continued its working, it now sees women and the youth participating breaking the age old tradition. At the end of the day, MORDI is able to stand aside and watch the community band together and work in unison towards achieving a goal for the betterment of the community. It is not their intention to make the communities depend so much on them that they then become incompetent.

Issues we work on

A family of Kotu Community preparing their evening meal outside their outdoor kitchen

Poverty alleviation


We provide projects that can generate income at a substantial level that is efficient, effective and consistent. This is seen as having a direct hand in alleviating poverty in rural remote communities.

Educating women in providing proper nutrition for the family, proper hygiene, managing the household budget and so forth is identified as vital.

Canoe carving held in Niuafo’ou Island which targets the improvement of food security

Food and water Security

In many rural communities, shortage of food came from lack of agricultural skills. The safety of every person in a community is of the utmost importance. What nourishes them is therefore an issue to keep a close eye on. Water in Tonga can come from two sources, the tap or rain cache.

MORDI works towards securing safe food for consumption and sound water systems that deliver safe water to drink. MORDI ensures that both are delivered at a safe level to the people of a community.

Youths in Niuafo’ou Island with their catch of Tilapia at the Lake Vailahi


Adult education

This has become a growing concern, most in rural communities have regarded education with a wary eye. Most adults are high school dropouts some even not completing primary school. Tuition fees were too costly and therefore were pulled out and put to work in the plantations or with household duties.

MORDI believes it is never too late to educate, after all education comes in various forms and is not only limited to learning institutions. Projects such as training on Sea Safety, Small Engine Maintenance and Safety Operation and the likes, educates the older population.

Women of ‘Olo’ua Community during a training of First Aid, demonstrating mouth to mouth resuscitation

Health and Diseases

The welfare of all that we work with in these communities is important to MORDI. Health care services are usually located too far from a certain community, we provide training to assist on medical emergencies. Training on first aid is the difference from losing a life and saving one. First care response is crucial to the lives of every person and MORDI provides these trainings to the rural communities.

The managing of better nutrition is due to the fact that most households do not understand how important it is to do so. Sanitation is also something MORDI works to encourage to decrease chances of contracting diseases.

Mother and daughter of Falevai Community planting a tree during the Soil Erosion and Food Security Training

Environmental sustainability

Climate Change

MORDI educates on the impacts our decisions make on the environment. It further explains the unstable weather Tonga experiences and what it is on a global scale. Climate change is something MORDI is bringing to the awareness of people to help them make this earth a greener and safer place to live in.

A successful collaboration between E.M Jones, JICA and MORDI Tonga which lent to the training of Outboard Motor Maintenance Training held in the ‘Otea Community

Aid Effectiveness

Here at MORDI we allocate our funds wisely, in practice we believe in helping those whom are willing to help themselves. We put every aid and assistance to the best of our capabilities and make sure that the outcome is something we are proud to say we helped along the way.

Target communities are taught the importance of appreciating aid and that it isn’t anything to take for granted.

MORDI allocates its funds wisely. We believe in helping those who are willing to help themselves. We impress upon communities that aid isn’t something to be taken for granted, and that it can never be seen as a hand out. Need to say something here about evaluation, monitoring, etc.