Former NZ High Commissioner and Chairlady of MORDI Tonga Trust, ‘Ainise Sevele in 2009 signing grant agreement from NZAID

Help Tonga By Funding MORDI

The activities set in motion by MORDI are made possible through the funding received from organizations. Working in unison with these organizations has been beneficiary for both MORDI and those whom benefit from MORDI funded programs.

MORDI Tonga is a registered trust that seeks funding from a range of donors depending upon the particular project being funded. Every fund that is given into MORDI Tonga is being accounted for, this reduces the risk of well earned money being squandered. Donors are given financial reports to be informed on the specifics of the funds being spent.

Meet our corporate partners

New Zealand Aid Programme

New Zealand Aid Programme believes in supporting sustainable developments and injecting them into developing countries to reduce poverty. In doing so, it can attribute to the movement of securing a safer, equitable and prosperous world.

To find out more about New Zealand Aid Programme please visit their website

IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)

IFAD stands to enable poor rural people to overcome poverty. A specialized agency under United Nations, IFAD has recognized agriculture as an integral part of rural communities. They have linked poverty, famine and food insecurities due to lack of agricultural development. IFAD works with rural poor communities, governments, donors and non government organizations to come up with solutions.

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