1. What is MORDI Tonga Trust?
    MORDI Tonga Trust is shortened for Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovation. It is a Non Government Organization in Tonga that focuses its help on isolated remote rural communities within Tonga.
  2. What does MORDI Tonga Trust do?
    It is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) in Tonga that focuses on assisting isolated and remote island communities within Tonga. It helps to shift the communities way of thinking in order to help them advance into a better state of living, one which is more sustainable. Working in partnership with other organization’s MORDI Tonga is able to educate these communities and move them into a better state of well being.
  3. How is MORDI Tonga Trust funded?
    Through the aid provided from organizations whom are willing to donate. Organizations such as IFAD and New Zealand Aid Programme whom work towards achieving the same goal as MORDI, have lent a hand to MORDI. MORDI Tonga Trust is funded by donors, such as IFAD and NZAID, that want to help us achieve our goals.
  4. Why does MORDI Tonga Trust work with remote isolated communities of Tonga?
    Poverty or hardships faced by the Tongan communities are clearly seen in both rural and urban areas of Tonga. But there is increasingly a higher concentration in rural areas and outer islands. Therefore it has become a priority to work with these communities.
  5. Is MORDI Tonga Trust affiliated with any religion?
    No, MORDI Tonga does not belong to a certain religion. We work in partnership with religions and do not discriminate against any religious sectors. The organization is secular and not religious.
  6. How can I work for MORDI Tonga Trust?
    You can make inquiries to our office, visit our contact information for details.