Meet Our Staff

The Staff

Soane Patolo

A college graduate of Lincoln University In New Zealand, Soane obtained a Bachelors in Resource Studies. Soane is MORDI Tonga’s General Manager. He has been with MORDI Tonga from the beginning when it was still a Programme to its registration as a Non Government Organization. Soane has seen so many communities move forward with the projects and trainings provided by MORDI Tonga. He has seen the successful Hunga Road Project to the change taking place within communities. Soane has successfully brought on board a large amount of the communities from the isolated rural islands of the Lulunga Group, Motu Districts and Niuafo’ou.

‘Ikenasio Taulangovaka

‘Ikenasio is Senior Programme Officer for MORDI Tonga, a relatively new member Ike joined the team March 1st, 2010. He graduated from the University of the South Pacific, Fiji with a Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Accounting). Previously employed as an Account Officer by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), Ike has been a great part of the MORDI Team working at the headquarters and out in the field.

‘Asela Lausi’i Sauaki

Our newest addition to the team, ‘Asela has filled in to the post of a Programme Officer. She has previously worked with the Ministry of Fisheries as a Fisheries Trainee Officer and with the Women and Children Crisis Centre as a Community Trainer. We are confident her love for working with the Community can transfer into MORDI and what we hope to achieve.


Finance and Administration Manager



Programme Officer Ms ‘Asela Sauaki with the women and youth of Falehau Community



Monitoring and evaluation conducted by ‘Ikenasio in the community of ‘Esia, Niuafo’ou.