Meet our Board of Trustees.

‘Ainise K. Sevele

One of Tonga’s most successful business woman, ‘Ainise has become a household name to many Tongan Communities. ‘Ainise has taken a lot in her stride along the years, including that of the burning down of Molisi Tonga during the Tongan riot. As chairlady of the Board of Trustees, ‘Ainise is able to bring to the table a lot of great many things and also the perspective of a woman.

Minoru Nishi Jr

Minoru is well recognized in Tonga for his successful business ventures. A managing director of his own company, Nishi Trading Co. Ltd. has been operating in Tonga for over 30 years as a commercial farming operation, exporting and importing fresh fruits and vegetables. It has diversified over the years to include the Nishi Quarry and manufacturing plant (2005) and a Farming Supplies retail outlet (2005).

Mr. Joseph Anthony RYAN

Tony is a New Zealand based rural development economist with over 20 years experience in the Asia Pacific region. Tony has been involved with MORDI Tonga for several years, playing a supporting role in the planning and establishment of the independent MORDO Tonga Trust. He has worked in Tonga on a number of occasions, enjoys the people and is a great supporter of MORDI Tonga and its great work.

Dr. Seu’ula Johannson F. FONUA

University of the South Pacific holds a gem when it comes to Dr Seu’ula Johansson Fua, one that MORDI Tonga Trust did not let slip by unnoticed. As a fellow in Research and Leadership in Education, Dr Seu’ula Johansson Fua specializes in qualitative and quantitative research skills. Utilizing these research skills, she has conducted multiple researches and trainings in Tuvalu, Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji and Tonga. Spearheading the designs, implementing and evaluating leadership programs in Tonga, Kiribati and Fiji amongst various ethnic groups with various leadership positions are amongst one of her many accomplishments. With a background in leadership, management, organizational systems and structures, policy analysis and strategic planning it goes without saying why MORDI Tonga Trust wants her onboard. Dr Seu’ula Johansson Fua can be a great asset to MORDI Tonga Trust in so many ways. It doesn’t hurt that this lass holds B.A/Bed; Diploma in Teaching from the University of Waikato, New Zealand; MA Educational Administration from University of Toronto, Canada; PhD Educational Administration from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Samisoni ‘Alamoti TAUTAKITAKI

A retired veteran from the Ministry of Education, Mr ‘Alamoti Samisoni Tautakitaki has made his mark in with the Tongan Educational System as a college tutor. However, retired as he might be, he has not lost the fire within to channel his knack for helping out in the community, especially the youth. Now residing in Hunga, Vava’u; ‘Alamoti has been no stranger to MORDI Tonga and with his aid they have both seen to the successful Hunga Road Project in 2009. Working as a Community Facilitator for MORDI Tonga, Mr ‘Alamoti Tautakitaki’s passion for seeking only the best for the isolated communities of Tonga, has him firmly secured as one of MORDI Tonga’s board members. Mr ‘Alamoti Tautakitaki has brought a whole new meaning to retired, it it never too late to make a change.


‘Ainise in the midst of training with Community Facilitators in 2007

Tony meeting with the community of Lape, Vava’u, to evaluate MORDI Tonga program impacts