About Us

Effects of climate change on environment, pushes men of Hunga Community to repair their wharf

Our vision

Tonga strives to improve sustainable livelihoods of all rural isolated communities of Tonga by 2015 by assuring that all have equal access to appropriate human resources, capacity building opportunities and rural development projects.

Our mission

Tonga Trust empowers the rural isolated communities to fight against poverty. This is achievable through provision of skill development trainings and implementation of community development projects.

Who we are

Here at MORDI we attribute a majority of our success to the efficiency of the people whom have banded together over the years to become a team, working towards a common goal. From MORDI’s dedicated staff members to the supportive Board of Trustees working in partnership with committed corporate partners, we are one step closer to stamping poverty out of rural Tongan communities.

Enable rural isolated communities to fight against poverty

Mainstreaming of Rural Development Innovations Tonga Trust works with poor, isolated, rural people to enable them to increase their incomes and determine the direction of their own development. Since 2007, MORDI Tonga has invested over TOP$1.3 million in funding projects and conducting training in 25 isolated communities in Tonga, empowering more than 629 households to fight against poverty.

If you visit Tonga on vacation, consider getting involved and help MORDI fight poverty in our beautiful country.

Toddlers of Matuku Community using their surroundings as their playground